What could be better than blessing those we pray for with the knowledge of Messiah and the fulfillment of God's divine plan in their lives? Here's a couple of suggestions to help you get started with examples in how to pray blessings into people's life:

LORD, I release (this person) to fulfill all the purpose You ordained for (his/her) life.

I declare that (he/she) would come into the knowledge of Yeshua and submit to Your will and become a joy to (his/her) family.

I ask that (he/she) would receive the full revelation of our LORD himself.

I ask you LORD to release (him/her) from any and all generational curses that keep (him/her) in chains to this sin. I release (him/her) from my judgment and ask that WE ALL be set free from the grip of this issue.

I call into existence all that (he/she) would fulfill according to Your calling on (his/her) life. I ask that (he/she) would become whole and (he/she) would supernaturally become the person You intended when you created (him/her).

Please release (him/her) from sickness and bless (him/her) with health.

Please release (him/her) from fear and doubt of Your presence in (his/her) life and replace it with a hunger for You.

I ask that (he/she) be blessed to fulfill all Your plans and purposes and not be threatened by any situation that would try to block (him/her).