Have we become a nation of apathy and compliancy? If your readiness is to conform to the voices in Washington you need to step back and take a second look at what you see and not what you here only. There are many questions that we as a people need to ask ourselves.

Is this problem with Islam just political or is it much larger in scope?

Is this just another mad man or men wanting to be world dictators?

Or is their religion the force behind this world issue?

Will America become the next Islamic Nation? Fact or Fiction?

With Knowledge a people will Survive, a lack of knowledge they will Perish.

What will you leave your children if we do not act as a united people?

Is your head in the sand?

The answer to this must come from you not Washington. We as a people must come to grips with this problem. We cannot leave this in the hands of a few public employees to answer the questions and problems that have come upon our nation. We the people of this great nation need and must get involved. You must become informed not just locally but internationally to what is happening.

Question 1: Is this problem with Islam just political or is it much larger in scope?
Answer: Yes.

This can be very hard to answer. For one thing America tries to separate its religious faith or faiths from its politics. Islam does not. Their religion and politics are one in the same, under-standing this will help one to come to a clear answer.

Then the scope of this problem becomes much larger. For us to answer this then becomes a road down a path of learning. We must understand Islamic politics in light of its religion. From here we have to go on a history lesson.

Question 2: Is this just another mad man or men wanting to be world dictators?
Answer: This goes way beyond this point.

Let us take the point at this time that they are not mad men or would be dictators wanting to rule the world. Then this must mean that there is purpose behind what they are doing. We have strong evidence that their purpose is multifaceted.

First, they want to bring together the different factions of Islam. I will discuss how they will do this later.

Second, they want to make Islam a world religious power and the reason is that they believe they are fulfilling prophetic teachings in the Koran. This question once it is answered will set the foundation for question 3.

Third, if their purpose is to make Islam the only religious power in the world. Then those who have a faith other than theirs or no faith at all better be concerned and I don’t mean that frivolously or flippantly. Islam does not act in accord with the attitudes and platitudes of the West. Where Islam is working from is a 7th century Eastern Islamic point of view.

Question 3: Or is their religion the force behind this world issue?
Answer: Yes

Have you ever thought to yourself, why other nations look down at us? One major reason may be that we as a people are not united. Our biggest problem is our political system the way it tears at each other like a pack of beast. We don’t see them dealing with the nation’s problems, but to coin a quote from the Wrath of Khan, “For Hates Sake.” This is what it seems is the reason they do what they do, not for the nation’s sake. (Causeless Hatred)

The nations have come to believe we are weak and need to be taken down. So do we find within our nation people who want us to become a third class power controlled by the UN? Is there a difference between having foreigners rule over us, or having foreign ideas rule us? What is the difference? They are the same. The things that unite America have been shelved for ideas contrary to what our nation’s principles are. It is our fault if we let our public servants become our dictators. We are the ones that will let them take our freedom away, first by their ideas and then by their voting our freedoms away. In reality it is not them that take it away, but you giving it away.

There is a cost to everything. Will you pay the price, as did Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy, Luther and most of all our sons and daughter who fight for our nation and our freedom. President Kennedy said, “It is not what our nation can do for you, but what you can do for our nation.” It should not be an issue whether we should leave Iraq or not, but we need to finish the job, uphold our integrity, and then get out. This type of dissention is only destroying our nation not saving it.