frequently asked questions

Do you believe in Jesus?
Yes, absolutely! We prefer to call him Yeshua Hamoshiach If you say Jesus, the Messiah, we know you're talking about the ONE we call Yeshua.

Why do you call him Yeshua?
We refer to him as Yeshua because that is what his mother, his family and all his friends called him when he walked the earth. Separately, angels came to both Mary (Luke 1:31) and her future husband Joseph (Matt 1:21) and told them what to call this coming child. She heard and obeyed the message given to her in a dream of what to name Him: Yeshua. In Hebrew, Yeshua means salvation and Hamoshiach means Messiah.

So, are you Christians or Jews?
Actually, we are Jews and non-Jews who believe in Yeshua (Jesus) and we also believe that the Bible consists of 66 books: Genesis through Revelations —5 of them spoke by God, the rest of them inspired by God, all relevant to keep and necessary for instruction.

Why do you put so much emphasis on the "Old Testament Ways" when it was done away
with on the cross?

God promised that he does not change so that we could depend on His Word and not be destroyed. (Malachi 3:6)

He is not fickle, nor a liar and every Word is still able to be kept. We need to keep them all, but some have conditions that determine who, when and where it is done—so the doing is not always possible by every single person, but we'll still keep them for when they can be done. (ie: laws pertaining to a newly planted fruit tree—If you don’t have any fruit trees, then you won’t be “doing” this commandment.)

THE GOOD NEWS IS that Yeshua paid our "death penalty" sentence. We believe our salvation is gifted through trust in God's promise (Gal 3:5-8 & 14) that God will not expect double payment of this debt if we believe in His promise: Yeshua is LORD and Saviour. This IS the same promise made to Abraham and we, by accepting this truth, become one of Abraham's children, too! (Gal 3:7)

The “written record” of my offenses were nailed to the cross according to Colossians 2:14. If I get a speeding ticket and a judge throws it out in court, the speed limit of that road does not change. No one pulls down the speed limit signs only my ticket is eliminated. This is exactly the same message of that verse. Also, the curse of the law (my death penalty sentence) was nailed to the cross with Yeshua when he took my place (Gal 3:13). The law was perfectly kept by Yeshua and He said, "If you love me you will keep my commandments (John 14:15 & 21)." "I am not come to destroy (the law) but to fulfill (Matt 5:17)."

Grace supersedes the law, because no one can completely keep all the law, so how can
you say the law is valid? God’s grace abounds and has since the Garden of Eden for all mankind. Romans 5:20 says that where sin increased, grace increased more. The law is still valid as long as there is sin and death. Some laws are solely for men, some solely for women, some for judges, some for farmers, and some for certain situations and times. We can collectively keep them, but we were never individually required to do all of them.

It's also important to note that the law NEVER was a standard for salvation but a measurement for righteousness in a sin sick world—something to help guide us in the right direction. Living in a world without instructions (the law) would be like being caught in the dark without a flashlight. Once sin and its penalty (which is death) are abolished, then there will be no need for guidance away from danger. Sin is dangerous, it’ll kill you.

Yeshua said, “Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, til all be fulfilled.” Heaven and earth are still as it was when He said that, so nothing has changed and the validity of the law has not changed either. He (and the apostles) said, "if we love Him, we will KEEP His commandments."

Do you believe in the Holy Spirit?
Yes, the Ruach Hakodesh (Hebrew for Holy Spirit) showed up long before the book of Acts, which was a repeat of what happened at Mount Sinai at the receiving of God’s audible Word. But the Holy Spirit has always been here to bestow heavenly wisdom in the hearts and minds of people who want to belong to the family of God.

What about the gifts or fruit of the Holy Spirit?
Yes, the Bible says without them, we do not know God (Matthew 7, Titus 1). It will show up in many ways according to how He made us, but the gift or fruit is undeniably through the Holy Spirit.

Balancing the goodness of Torah
with the grace and mercy of Messiah Yeshua

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